Le Tour Eiffel

Le Tour Eiffel

Le Tour Eiffel March 2011

Did you know that from the middle of December until the end of January they turn the first floor of the Eiffel Tower into an ice skating rink? Seriously! How cool would that be?!


Paris 2011

Paris from the top of Notre Dame 2010

Paris from the top of Notre Dame 2011

Do not ever let anyone, including yourself or the long lines, talk you out of climbing the hundreds of steps up the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. If you do, you will miss such spectacular views of the city as this. It is a reward truly worth reaping.

Giants vs Braves 2011

Giants vs Braves 2011

Giants vs Braves 2011

In April of 2011, Richard and I were lucky enough to attend a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park. It was a beautiful spring day and our fantastic seats provided for some very good photo opportunities even though the Giants lost in extra innings.

I love the anticipation of what is about to happen in this picture, as well as the fact that the umpire has his hand on Posey’s back with two fingers curled and two extended. I knew that umps hover over catchers, but I had no idea they actually touched them during the action. And what is up with the way the ump is holding his hand? Is that just something this ump does or do all umps do this? I guess I should go and ask my baseball obsessed friends to see if they know.