Will the REAL Hunter please stand up?

Hunter Chillax

Hunter Chillax ~ 2013

Don’t let this calm, sweet face fool you! This is NOT the real Hunter. This is the rope-a-dope. He lures you in with this calm, relaxed attitude and then…SNAP! He’s all up in your business with his ninja claws. He has skills and abilities that strike fear into lizards, ┬áhouse guests and if I am honest, well, me. I don’t play games with The Real Hunter! I respect his authority and his ridiculous claw-cat eye coordination. We should all be so lucky to get the kind of respect we deserve.

Hunter Non-Chillax

Hunter Non-Chillax ~ 2013


The Aftermath

On the Track

On the Track ~ 2013

What started out as a good night of racing for Richard ended abruptly on lap 4 of the feature event when a competitor basically used the back and side of the 21j Sprint Car as some Evil Knievel launch ramp. While flipping a sprint car over or onto its side is never a good thing, almost all of the damage seen below is from the initial contact from the other car that hit him from behind going into Turn 1. There were tire marks on the side panel of the wing and right side of the hood and the contact even sanded the two layers of powder coating off a three foot strip on the left side downrail all the way to the chromoly. And all of this was caused by someone else’s boneheaded decision.

Now all that is left to do is replace all of broken parts and pieces (which he is still uncovering more) with new ones and figure out how to pay for it all. Racing is never inexpensive, but it is night’s like these that make it tough for a small budget team like his to rebound quickly. Richard was supposed to be competing this Saturday in Chico, but now he will be lucky to get the car back to racing condition before the end of May. Fingers crossed that luck is on his side to get it done quickly.

Crushed Wing

Crushed Wing ~ 2013

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces ~ 2013

Crushed Tail Tank

Crushed Tail Tank ~ 2013


Snuggly Sarge

Snuggly Sarge

Snuggly Sarge ~ 2013

Take a cue from Sarge and leave a rough day behind by snuggling up with your favorite blanket and/or person. Take a depth breath and with one long rumbling groan,┬álet all of that pent up frustration and angst out. You can learn a lot from a cat…how to relax is one of them.

Over the Line about My Rockstars

Over the Line field

Over the Line field ~ 2013

Fantastic weather and a posse of great people converged on a softball field in a small town in Northern California for a little tournament called Over the Line. Teams of three (1 infielder in the “Hot Box” + 2 outfielders in the grass) battled in the ultimate challenge of defense and offense on a field a third the size of a typical softball diamond. Hit the ball, catch the ball…it is as simple and as difficult as that.

The art of the soft toss is critical for success on offense, but once it is mastered it is amazing to see what the batter can do with a small yellow ball. Can you outsmart the defense? Drop it in a hole in the outfield? Drive a screamer by the infielder in the “Hot Box”? The fun never ends! Well, at least until you accumulate three outs and have to switch roles. But then a different kind of fun begins…fielding! Snapping off line drives, chasing down pop flys, scooping hard-driving grounders…and the offense is only gonna serve up dirty looks if you lay out and come up covered in grass stains with the ball securely in your glove…but your team is gonna love you!

You might get a woot, a high five, a smack on the arse or even a nice cold adult beverage, but if you’re a Rockstar you’re gonna get respect and then you’re gonna get one-upped! Because my Rockstars are nothing if not a team and to them awesomeness is more contagious than the common cold in a kindergarten class. We pick each other up, talk each other into making amazing plays, coach each other when we are struggling and most importantly, we do all of that on and off the field. It’s why my softball team is a family and not just a bunch of people I play ball with once a week. And I simply do not know how I survived without them before. Love ya Rockstars!


OTL #2 ~ 2013

OTL #3

OTL #3 ~ 2013

OTL Rockstars

OTL Rockstars ~ 2013