GoPro Still from Antioch

GoPro Antioch

GoPro Antioch ~ 2013

For his birthday, Richard got a GoPro from yours truly and then had to wait over a month before he got to use it. So far, we’ve only got a few laps of qualifying at a couple tracks because he is generally too busy to turn it on. But the goal is to video an entire race to give his fans a view of what he sees for thirty laps amongst 21 other sprint cars. It should be a huge eyeopener for Richard to watch what he actually experienced from this angle and an even bigger one for his fans to watch it with him.




1st & 2nd Annual Saved by 2nd Base Champs ~ July 20, 2013

I may have previously said that this summer was not ALL about softball, but it is still a lot about softball. Yesterday, the Half n Half Rockstars competed in a local fundraising tournament called Saved by 2nd Base. Our team alone raised almost $500 in less than a week, all of which went directly to Insight Imaging in Grass Valley to pay for Breast Cancer Detection ( Along with the other teams that participated, I am sure the money everyone raised will pay for more than a few mammograms, which is a great thing. It’s icing on the cake to be able to play ball with 12 of my favorite ladies against another 3 dozen awesome women, but doing it for a good cause is the best kind of cherry on top…trust me.

Thank you Rockstars for a great day! You brought your heart, your game and made me proud with every at bat and every defensive out. Your support of your own teammates and even your competitors is second to none. Victory never tasted so good as it does when you’re by my side! Rockstars on 3…1, 2, 3-ROCKSTAAARRRRSSSS!

The Beginning

The Beginning

Post Race Selfie by Kandi Young ~ 2013

This past Saturday a few of my Rockstars and I went for a little jaunt through the streets of Davis as the sun went down. It was a tad warm, so by the end of the 5k we were all a bit slick with sweat. But it was a great day! It was Karen and Kandi’s first 5k, my 2nd and Patty’s & Tiff’s upteenth (they are old pros at this). I am super proud of all my Rockstars for crossing the finish line in such a timely manner. Our next 5k is already scheduled and paid for…the Susan B Anthony in SacTown. It’s gonna be a blast and time’s will be better! Thank goodness for such a sisterhood that continues to grow in numbers and in the variety of challenges we accomplish. It’s not just about softball anymore!



Gladiola ~ 2013

So…my gladiolas would have bloomed weeks ago except the deer in my area decided their pre-bloom state was a perfect snack. AND THEN they did not even eat them, just broke off the tips and spit them out on the ground. GRRRR! So all that remain are four measly stocks that have managed to survive the deer and the nasty heat wave we experienced last week. They are lovely…even if they are all pink!