Dream Recap #1

Background: I am one of those people who dream often and it is clear that even my subconscious brain has an unlimited source of creativity as the dreams are fairly entertaining. Below is a recent winner, in my opinion. So enjoy!

Amongst 50 or so people, small groups of Rockstars are scattered across a grassy lawn. I am sitting near Kandi and a one-day from her due date Tiffany. She gets up and I watch her wrangle her swollen belly through the crowd to the bathroom.

When I turn my attention back to Kandi, she is reading the back of a large can of automotive spray lubricant. I am about to ask her why she even has auto lube when I hear the distinctive click of the bathroom door opening. Tiff steps out of the bathroom looking pale, sweaty and weak. She leans against the wall for support and it is at that moment that I realize her water has broken and labor has begun.

Apparently I am not the only one who notices because I see Anne, Reeve and E rush toward her. Kandi and I are immediately at their side as they help her into a wheelchair. As they began to wheel her out, I look down and notice she has two cases of the automotive spray lubricant that Kandi was looking at, sitting in her lap. Without having to ask, I instinctively know it is to help slide the baby out during labor.

Fingers crossed for a quick and easy delivery…sans automotive lubricant, of course. Go get ‘em Tiff and Jon!