Birthday Holiday

Red Dog Saloon - Virginia City ~ 2013

Red Dog Saloon – Virginia City ~ 2013

Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is time…time to relax and recharge your batteries. I love to recharge my batteries by getting away, not far, but far enough to forget about the day to day. Rich and I went to Reno and then to Virginia City. And while practically everything was closed down for the season (typical November birthday side-effect), it was still lovely to walk around, people watch and check out the sites and the views. Not typical for my birthday…beautiful weather!


Stained Glass – Virginia City ~ 2013


View from Main Street – Virginia City ~ 2013


Happy Birthday!

Rich - Geared Up

Richard – Geared Up ~ 2013

My very special someone celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday and spent the rest of the weekend in his favorite place…behind the wheel of his sprint car. We should all be so lucky to be able to live out our dreams and follow our passion as he does every time he jumps in the seat.