Girl Fight

Girl Fight

Girl Fight ~ 2013

Whenever a group of Rockstars get together, hijinks are inevitable. What happened in the photos above, I gleefully started in a moment of boredom by flicking water off a rock fountain onto my teammate and good friend, Kandi, who was innocently sitting nearby. Ever the competitor and generous instructor, Ms. Kat demonstrated that a flat palm was way more effective at splashing than a single finger flick. (Poor Kandi!) Kandi then demonstrated to Ms. Kat (now a mother of 3 boys) what she (a veteran mother of 3 young men) had learned during her years raising a gaggle of rambunctious boys (who all wrestle!!). As you can see in the last image…they both won! And I totally take credit for the awesome, laughing bear hug that resulted! I did good!



Trouble ~ 2013

Selfie + 8 ~ 2013, Kandi Young

1 corgie + 1 in her 20’s + 3 in their 30’s + 4 in their 40’s = A load of trouble!!