Girl Fight

Girl Fight

Girl Fight ~ 2013

Whenever a group of Rockstars get together, hijinks are inevitable. What happened in the photos above, I gleefully started in a moment of boredom by flicking water off a rock fountain onto my teammate and good friend, Kandi, who was innocently sitting nearby. Ever the competitor and generous instructor, Ms. Kat demonstrated that a flat palm was way more effective at splashing than a single finger flick. (Poor Kandi!) Kandi then demonstrated to Ms. Kat (now a mother of 3 boys) what she (a veteran mother of 3 young men) had learned during her years raising a gaggle of rambunctious boys (who all wrestle!!). As you can see in the last image…they both won! And I totally take credit for the awesome, laughing bear hug that resulted! I did good!


Ms October 2013


Ms October 2013

One of the most entertaining tournaments of the year is the Ms. October Women’s Invitation Softball Tournament, which is held every October in Auburn, California to raise money for the Underprivileged Youth Fund. When the air is crisp and the sun is setting earlier and earlier, twelve rambunctious teams gather to face off to see who can hit the most home runs. Some teams are stacked with near professional ballers and others are merely stacked with professionals who work for a living and play ball for fun. And yet everyone has a good time watching the ladies go yard…as long as it’s not when you’re standing in the field…that still sucks! My amazing Rockstars got knocked out prematurely this time around, but immediately threw their support behind our local sister teams to encourage them to go the distance against the Goliaths’ in the tourney. Our hootin’ and hollerin’ must have done some good, Safe @ Second clawed their way back from a 1st round loss to 4th place. Not too shabby! Don’t worry ladies…next year will be here soon and the next Ms. October is already less than 12 months away.



1st & 2nd Annual Saved by 2nd Base Champs ~ July 20, 2013

I may have previously said that this summer was not ALL about softball, but it is still a lot about softball. Yesterday, the Half n Half Rockstars competed in a local fundraising tournament called Saved by 2nd Base. Our team alone raised almost $500 in less than a week, all of which went directly to Insight Imaging in Grass Valley to pay for┬áBreast Cancer Detection ( Along with the other teams that participated, I am sure the money everyone raised will pay for more than a few mammograms, which is a great thing. It’s icing on the cake to be able to play ball with 12 of my favorite ladies against another 3 dozen awesome women, but doing it for a good cause is the best kind of cherry on top…trust me.

Thank you Rockstars for a great day! You brought your heart, your game and made me proud with every at bat and every defensive out. Your support of your own teammates and even your competitors is second to none. Victory never tasted so good as it does when you’re by my side! Rockstars on 3…1, 2, 3-ROCKSTAAARRRRSSSS!

No I in Team

Rockstar Love

Rockstars ~ 2013

Team chemistry is key for success. And often times, women’s teams encounter a lot of drama, which upsets that chemistry and can make even winning unenjoyable. However, I have been blessed with a stockpile of ladies that operate at a low to no drama level, which makes my job easier than most. More than once, I have heard and even said it myself…I would rather lose with this bunch of ladies than win with anyone else. That’s how much we enjoy playing ball together!

Friday Night at the Field

Friday Night Softball

Friday Night Softball ~ 2013

I spend a lot of time at ballparks, which grants me the opportunity to watch the sun set in the evening. This one-off field on the top of a hill has provided some of the most spectacular softball sunsets I have ever seen. Whether it is gloriously colorful or simple in it’s purity of fading blues, these sunsets never fail to round out a long week on a good note. TGFS (Thank Goodness for Softball)

Sunset Thru Bushes

Sunset Thru Bushes ~ 2013

Over the Line about My Rockstars

Over the Line field

Over the Line field ~ 2013

Fantastic weather and a posse of great people converged on a softball field in a small town in Northern California for a little tournament called Over the Line. Teams of three (1 infielder in the “Hot Box” + 2 outfielders in the grass) battled in the ultimate challenge of defense and offense on a field a third the size of a typical softball diamond. Hit the ball, catch the ball…it is as simple and as difficult as that.

The art of the soft toss is critical for success on offense, but once it is mastered it is amazing to see what the batter can do with a small yellow ball. Can you outsmart the defense? Drop it in a hole in the outfield? Drive a screamer by the infielder in the “Hot Box”? The fun never ends! Well, at least until you accumulate three outs and have to switch roles. But then a different kind of fun begins…fielding! Snapping off line drives, chasing down pop flys, scooping hard-driving grounders…and the offense is only gonna serve up dirty looks if you lay out and come up covered in grass stains with the ball securely in your glove…but your team is gonna love you!

You might get a woot, a high five, a smack on the arse or even a nice cold adult beverage, but if you’re a Rockstar you’re gonna get respect and then you’re gonna get one-upped! Because my Rockstars are nothing if not a team and to them awesomeness is more contagious than the common cold in a kindergarten class. We pick each other up, talk each other into making amazing plays, coach each other when we are struggling and most importantly, we do all of that on and off the field. It’s why my softball team is a family and not just a bunch of people I play ball with once a week. And I simply do not know how I survived without them before. Love ya Rockstars!


OTL #2 ~ 2013

OTL #3

OTL #3 ~ 2013

OTL Rockstars

OTL Rockstars ~ 2013